Chilly Thrilly starting january 2007

The lost thriller. The worst thriller in the world

It's a kind of tribute to some Andy Warhol project to try to build a masterpiece out of teh worst of all.

In this way, this thriller will start using all worn out clichés possible, put in some sex reference (an we have already ilustrations from Jeneverito, our argentin friend) , misuse science fiction...

It is also starting one of the worst way possible to start a novel : the main character is in the bed, wakes up and wonders what will happen today ... A real novel killer !

starting january 2007
the french version is a bit ahead
an a spanish (and maybe russian) are also starting soon

we have already received contributions and drawings, graphics, those are going online next week
la page d'andromeda et julie, arts graphiques - arts plastiques, et bien sûr bande dessinée

Just before we start.

french version

comments in this column , links to images and text paragraphs


the beginning


the dream of jérôme by jeneverito

the cat , Tigrette

Poupougne a reader's cat

the girl

the café

the drunk officer

the kid in the street



VEUX TU PARTICIPER ? envoie tes contributions concernant l'aventure, sujet "mauvais polar" à andromeda et julie :

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2006 - Décembre

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